Monday, May 5, 2008


We were trying to get enough done today that we could work inside the rest of the week if needed. There are forecasts for a good chance of heavy rain the next 3 days. I started out in the crawl space helping connect sewer pipe. As you can see my self portrait didn't turn out so well. We put in all the windows and started trying to get the F-channel up for the soffit.

I took a beautiful swan dive out the front door with many people watching, of course the electrical inspectors were there. I have a bruised elbow, shin and shoulder. Pictures of bruises could follow tomorrow, if there is enough demand! Turned out the front steps were moved aside and didn't get set on level ground. I should have held on to the door. Four feet in flight only hurts when you land.

These are chickens someone has in their backyard about 2 houses down. The geese make lots of noise when we walk by.

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