Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Poor Little Boy

Riley has the croup (again). He sounds just awful, with a barking cough and wheezing rattling inhalations. He hates the noise that the nebulizer makes. This is just the beginning of his breathing treatment tonite. He ended up with his hands over his ears.

He enticement was watching a "Kids Song" dvd while taking the treatment. Do you 80's babies remember those songs? Pea..nut Peanut Butter!

Poor Mommy, too, with a 10 week-old, a sick boy and Dad working very late.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What will he look like?

I hear Mcclellan got a big boy hair cut today. His first. Matt said he took him to the barbershop with him and got a buzz cut. I'll miss his pretty blonde curls but I can wait to see it. I'll bet he looks so cute. Maybe there will be a picture added here later?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Apple Bounty

I only have one dwarf apple tree, but it has outdone itself this year. I planted it about 20 years ago, but it never bore fruit until we added on the garage which sheltered it from the north wind.

I've been trying to keep up with the windfalls for about 2 weeks. The rotten ones I put in a bucket and throw them over the hill where I put my grass clippings. Riley likes to throw them one at time and giggle when the dog retrieves them. The other day, he swiped my tongs while I was grilling and used them for apple-picker-uppers. Notice that the bucket is in it's third incarnation. It orignally held dishwasher detergent, then it has "cat milk" written on it from a time we bottle fed orphan kittens. Now it's a rotten apple bucket.

He also used the tongs to swat at bees on the sedum.

I decided yesterday to pick from the tree before the birds ruin them all. They have to be peeled by hand once the birds mark them. Anyway, I thought the apples were pretty enough for a picture.

Verity Christianna

I have a new granddaughter born Sept. 10, 2008. She was born at home with the assistance of a mid-wife. I'm excited for them. I can't wait to see her, but we are giving them time to settle in as a family of four, so I will see them when I go for her baptism. More details are available at The Joy of Christina.

Here Mcclellan compares tongues with his baby sister.

I now have 2 grandsons age 2 and age 19 months and granddaughters 2 months and one 3 days old. I am so lucky. It's hard though when I think of how much Mike would have doted on them. He was so great at making people feel special.

Trip to Tongie

Then, Labor Day weekend I traveled to the other end of the state to visit my Son, daughter-in-law and grandson. There is a new baby due soon.

I took my mom as far as Salina and left her at the home of her friend. They were both newlyweds in 1950 and their husbands were childhood friends. As I left, Ermalea said," Okay, I'm ready to talk. I have my mouth all loosened up." They planned to reminisce and catch up. They just recently began visiting more since they are both on the internet.

The kids took me to KC for our traditional Italian food. That's to humor me, I'm sure they would prefer Indian or Thai. My favorite place had closed so we went to a place at Legends. The food was good, but the Sangria wasn't nearly as potent.

Mcclellan and I made a trip to the local grocery and a stop at the park while his mommy prepared casseroles to freeze for after the new baby's birth. Grandma's pretty clueless about what he can do. I wasn't sure how well he could climb and he had on his Cars Crocs that kept getting rocks in them. However, I think he was content just to be there.

Oh, yeah, I helped Matt carry all his office furniture downstairs, to clear a room for the new baby upstairs. I may not be in shape, but I'm still quite strong. Lucky for him.

Four generations

Boy! I didn't realize that I'd been such a slacker about posting. Usually, I have nothing interesting. Then something happens and I'm too busy to think about blogging. I downloaded pics off of both my cameras tonight and that jogged my memory. Marcy had an appointment with her Doc the end of August, so I rode along to see my mom (and eat at Guiterrez's). We happened to be seated by an aquaintance who was a friend of my late brother-in-law. Remember Trish? Anyway she pointed out that we should have a four generation picture. So here we are: My 83 year old mother, my 26 year old daughter and 2 month old granddaughter. I'm somewhere in between age-wise. I am so proud of my mom. She sure doesn't look her age. She goes to the gym 3 days a week and I'm certain that she is in better shape than I am.