Friday, September 12, 2008

Trip to Tongie

Then, Labor Day weekend I traveled to the other end of the state to visit my Son, daughter-in-law and grandson. There is a new baby due soon.

I took my mom as far as Salina and left her at the home of her friend. They were both newlyweds in 1950 and their husbands were childhood friends. As I left, Ermalea said," Okay, I'm ready to talk. I have my mouth all loosened up." They planned to reminisce and catch up. They just recently began visiting more since they are both on the internet.

The kids took me to KC for our traditional Italian food. That's to humor me, I'm sure they would prefer Indian or Thai. My favorite place had closed so we went to a place at Legends. The food was good, but the Sangria wasn't nearly as potent.

Mcclellan and I made a trip to the local grocery and a stop at the park while his mommy prepared casseroles to freeze for after the new baby's birth. Grandma's pretty clueless about what he can do. I wasn't sure how well he could climb and he had on his Cars Crocs that kept getting rocks in them. However, I think he was content just to be there.

Oh, yeah, I helped Matt carry all his office furniture downstairs, to clear a room for the new baby upstairs. I may not be in shape, but I'm still quite strong. Lucky for him.

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