Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Joys of Home Ownership

I've been away from home for the last two weeks. We evidently had some serious wind during that time.

My fence had several sections blown down or torn loose.

Several brackets that hold the rails for the pickets are broken and, of course, I can't get them anymore. I finally took one to a metal shop and they are going to make some for me.

My yardlight had a broken bulb. My son-in-law designed the tower so that it could be lowered to change the bulb. I didn't think I could handle the weight of it so I asked a friend to come out this morning to help me. He said to call when I was ready to set up. He must have forgotten, as it is still in this position tonight. I think I'll go turn off the breaker so the dog doesn't have it shining in his house tonight.

Then there was the heavy park bench blown over and some metal sheeting on the shop loosened. I'm truly glad that I still have a roof on my house.


Nancy said...

Wow, that must have been some wind! I hope you can get everything fixed soon.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are home already..I figured you would be gone for a long time. Sorry you found work at home too:(

Mountain Woman said...

Wow, it must have been awful there. Glad you missed it and that you still have a roof.