Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snow, Wind & Thunderstorms

Welcome! Let's see how this progresses. My intent is to post during my month long Habitat for Humanity journey. I only hope the journey doesn't progress as it began. I poked around getting started this morning as it was raining heavily when I woke up. I had planned to go to Matt & Christina's and spend a couple of nights before continuing on to Kentucky. I changed to plan B when their whole family came down with a bug. I not taking any chances of being infected.

My next plan was to spend one night in Hays visiting with my mom and then see how the sickies were. This is a view from my windshield of what the rain quickly turned into, it was quite the white knuckle drive for the first 40 miles.

I did get to eat lunch with my mom. We worked on her phone line that was out of service and also got her computer connected to the internet. Drat! The forecast wasn't so great for that area either, so I went on down the road after a couple of hours.

Next, the wind turned gusty about 35 mph sideways as I went through the hills near Junction City, but I arrived at the Lawrence KOA about 6pm and got set up in time for the severe thunderstorms to roll in. Fortunately they were fast moving. I hope to have a peaceful night!

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