Friday, April 18, 2008


Thursday, was a busy day both work and social. The local HFH affiliate sponsored a meal for us at the fair grounds where we are camped. Board members, local volunteers, the homeowners all attended.The "Brothers Barbeque" furnished the meal. We had BBQ ribs, grilled burgers and all the fixin's including "piglet dessert".

Earlier in the week, they provided a lunch for us. They are so thoughtful they purchased a cookie cutter and took it to the local bakery and had these made for us.

Then our whole group of Care-a-vanners posed for a group photo in our shirts furnished by Habitat.

Next we took photos of the home owners. Wanda and her 3 children and Lillian and her daughter. Wanda is a cook at Cracker Barrel and Lillian works at a nursing home.

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Christina Joy said...

Way to go! You look like you're getting some sun!