Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday

While my daughter and family were here this weekend, we celebrated a first birthday. Mariell's birthday was July 1, but since we celebrated on the 4th she also sported a patriotic little dress.

I baked the cakes, my usual version of red devil's food with buttercream frosting. Marcy reused some decorations she salvaged from her friend's wedding cake. I think it made a lovely birthday cake.

We also collaborated on this fun little Lady Bug. Not professional quality, but fun just the same. The "yady bug" was Riley's favorite.


Anonymous said...

Mariell is a beautiful baby! Hope she enjoyed her birthday. I love that patriotic outfit. That's an adorable lady bug cake too - Riley has good taste!
Hope you have a nice week Mary.

Vonita said...

It's so much fun to celebrate the little one's birthdays. They appreciate everything you do.

Nancy said...

Baby + birthday cake = precious photos. I am glad that you were able to celebrate together.

Aunt Dinah said...

If Mariell's birthday cake was as delicious as it was beautiful, it must have been one scrumptious cake. Mariell looks darling in her 4th of July outfit. What a sweetheart!

Linda said...

She is so pretty and the cake comes in a close second....How clever, the lady bug. When my daughter was waiting for her adopted daughter from China, she made a ladybug cake every month to celebrate the anniversary of their log in date.
Looks like a great way to celebrate independence day.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful cake and baby getting older! Boys always like bugs, and that one is cute and edible!! :)