Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Pictures During Wheat Harvest

Okay, this guy is full (look at the top), where's the grain cart?

Eat my dust?

A little off topic. Looking between the rows of corn.

My fifteen year old niece is operating this one. Too bad all the windows are dirty. She's a very pretty red head. She was on a band trip to Europe and was so worried she would miss harvest. Her dad said there would be plenty left when she returned.

How high is an elephant's eye?

This guy is always good for color.

What kind of train would you call this? I'm glad I don't have to drive it. That's what I know!

Somebody's gonna get dumped on.

It took a whole family to run this combine.

This truck driver doesn't want her trailer overloaded.

Combines do a "do-si-do"

We're finished here. Where to next?


GingerV said...

a great glimps into your life. I love the look of harvest - the family all working together to finish. strikes a cord even though I know I am a city girl born and bred. have a great week.

Nancy said...

I always loved harvest, but it can be hectic. Thanks for the photos and the memories.

Aunt Dinah said...

Well, you've made me good and homesick even though harvest was never my favorite time of year. Too hot, too dirty, and too hard on my allergies and asthma. I was born in early July during harvest, and harvest always interfered with celebrating my birthday since my dad and my mom were always so busy. Nevertheless, my mom always did her best to make my birthday special. Recognized the location of the new photo at the top of your blog. Brought tears to my eyes!

Leslie said...

I think I was suppose to be a farm girl but for whatever reason, it didn't turn out that way. Thanks for letting me live it through photos such as these.

Will this be flour in the near future? If so, maybe I'll be baking with it soon. :)

Vonita said...

Great harvest pictures, Mary.
I miss being on the farm during harvest.

Ellisa said...

Something I've only seen in pictures, but I really would like to see and possibly help someday. I'll put that on my list of things to do when I own a little farm land someday.

Oz Girl said...

I'm fascinated by the wheat harvest since I moved here. I love that your 15 yr old niece gets to operate one and that she likes to do it so much she was afraid she might miss it! How cute.

I've enjoyed watching the harvest all around us these past few weeks. There have already been some field burnings in the last two weeks, with many more to come I'm sure!

Mountain Woman said...

Wow, what fantastic pictures. I enjoyed seeing a part of farm life that's so different from here. What a fantastic life you have.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Loved the harvest photos! The dust and chaff not so much..brings back memories of hot August days on the farm:)