Wednesday, August 5, 2009

County Fair Parade

What's a parade without the color guard? I would love to see everyone salute the flag as it passes. So many things fall out of custom with disuse.

We didn't have many of what I think of as traditional floats. I missed getting pictures of the horses, shriners, firetrucks and other individuals.

The implement dealers participate by showing off their new equipment. Many are so big they can't go down the street with out removing parts.

The theme this year was: Thrills, Squeals and Ferris Wheels, so this combine shows some spirit.

The kids enjoy it all. There is so much candy thrown that they bring sacks to collect it in. Reminds me of Halloween. My youngest grandson has his mouth full as he reaches out for more.

It's okay to eat stuff I pick up from the street today, isn't it Mama?


Anonymous said...

This brings back memories of parades in my hometown. I know the grands had a great time - such cute pictures.

Nancy said...

I missed the Fair parade this year because I was out of town, but yours looks very similar. Here, all of the rural fire districts and the local fire department bring up the end of the parade. Some even give willing kids or adults a dousing.

Aunt Dinah said...

Wish I had a piece of that candy! Fun photos and fun captions. My dad loved to drive his antique cars and tractor in parades. He also had an "aqua car" for a year or two that was both a boat and a car. I'm sure he drove it in a few parades too.

Vonita said...

Makes me think of the great parades we used to have in Brewster on Homecoming. They aren't near as elaborate today as they used to be, but still lots of fun for the kids. Our town was so small that kids would march through the parade in the band, then hurry back to the school so they could sit on their class float. The floats were amazing. They're pretty simple now. Time and Money, I suppose.