Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If These Old Walls Could Talk: Part 1

This old school house sets nearly 20 miles from the nearest town. The roof has long ago fallen in but the walls seem stubbornly straight and strong.

Who decided to build it here? Why did it close? Did it serve any other purpose after the school closed? It looks like a modern building, but it's looked this way for the 30+ years that I've been driving by. It must be at close to 60 years old.

I asked my husband's cousin, Vonita, what she knew about it. She called the school Mirage and thought she went to school there in 1953 or 1954. Previously they had a one room school house like all the old time pictures. She said this building had all the grades in one room,too, but not very many students in any grade. It had indoor plumbing so they didn't have to use an outhouse or drink from water jugs anymore. They brought their lunches to school, but there was no refrigerator so her mother wouldn't send meat sandwiches just peanut butter and jelly. Maybe soup in a thermos. There were no buses, so her parents or grandparents took them to school. I think it would have been 10-15 miles from her house. Town was south of the school and their home was east.

I'm so glad I asked her. She had lots more to say about school days there, but I'll wait for her to blog it and then give you a link. She said her wedding shower was held there in 1967.

On second thought, she did tell a few stories in a post earlier this year. Go on over and read about them at Mago's Meditations, please remember that we are only related by marriage! (just kidding, Vonita)

This just in from Aunt Dinah, who was in the same grade as Cousin Vonita. Actually, they were the only ones in that grade. She said the school was built in 1956, first school year 56-57 and closed 5 years later after the 61-62 school year.


Nancy said...

An abandoned school sits along the highway here. It's huge pine trees are dying from lack of water and birds fly in and out of the windows and doors that are gaping. It hurts to see the decay. The buildings were sold to group that found the upkeep too expensive (the reason why a new building was constructed), and the shell sits to rot and to become an eyesore and "attractive nuisance."

Morale: progress creates history.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Oh, I love old vacant buildings...especially old houses! I always wonder who grew up in them, what kind of family lived there. I also loved your long lonesome road post. I love to just go down these roads and see where it takes me! blessings,Kathleen

Mildred said...

I see similar schools in this area and just wonder, "what happened?"

Mountain Woman said...

An old school in a deserted field and all those memories. I'm enjoying this series more than I can tell you.

Tipper said...

Makes you wonder why it only stayed open a few years.