Thursday, February 4, 2010

Traveling Hammer

I've read some blogs that talk about digital logos. I've given some thought to the elements that I would include in mine, if I had one. My three year old grandson answered the question for me in a very frugal style. I have re-created it above for your viewing pleasure.

On that note, I'm wondering if I shouldn't change my blog name since I haven't helped with a build for a year.

To get motivated, I've been studying the Habitat for Humanity build listings for the spring, summer and fall. Read about the Care-A-Vanners here. Last year was the first that I haven't participated in one or two builds since I started volunteering. Right now, I'm considering Sheridan, WY; Winona, MN; Talequah, OK; or Woodland Park, CO.

Another consideration is that taking 2-3 weeks in the middle of the summer can ruin my yard for the year. It's hard to find someone to feed and play with the dog, mow the grass and water the trees on my little acreage. Expensive, too.

Maybe all this wondering and studying is an indication of cabin fever. The seed catalogs have arrived, surely spring will be here soon. Right?


Mildred said...

Love the picture Mary! Those sound like some awesome places to consider. Keep us posted. I think we all have cabin fever!

Vonita said...

That is one cute logo. Maybe you ought to paint a picture of it on the side of your travelling home.

Oz Girl said...

We are all wondering how much longer before spring is here! It's that time of year when cabin fever sets in. Ugh.

Those locations sound like great places to visit for a build... but I can certainly empathise with you as far as getting someone to take care of things for 3 weeks! It's tough, if not impossible.

Hang in there! :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great logo for you!! Is there a local teenager one that is about 13 or 14 that would like a dog/lawn caring job..etc..sometimes kids that age are great!
Perhaps there is a group in your area..perhaps at church that help elderly with little fix up and your hammer would be traveling again..but not far from home:)