Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It's time for me to confess. My name is Mary and I am a Craft Starter. I know, it's shameful. I have really hard time finishing something before starting another project. Is there a crafter's ADD?

I went to the local fabric store yesterday to look for fabric for a quilt I had seen on a blog. This was not it! Sure is pretty, isn't it?

My idea here is to expose this fault, in hopes I will be pressured by public opinion to complete something.

This is a runner I started last spring. I am commiting to finishing it before the end of this month.....

Shown here is a little something I worked on about 3 weekends ago after reading a description how to create a bargello. I can't seem to decide how I want to finish it.

This is the rug I took off the loom, just prior to making the loom for the runner. All I need to do is work in the ends and fasten them down.

Whenever I travel with someone else, I take cotton yarn and a pair of needles. I've knitted these dishcloths plus some I've given away since January. I only need to weave in the ends of the yarn.

Okay, I want all 4 of my readers to hold me accountable. (Thanks Mom, daughter and daughter-in-law and Rachel). If I fail, I promise to post a picture of the room these came out of. It is guaranteed to fully humiliate me.


Rachel said...

You can do it! Just think how amazing you'll feel when you get those things done and off your guilty shoulders, ha ha!

(Although, I'd be hard pressed to pass up that beautiful brown and blue fabric myself. Gorgeous colors!)

Traci said...

I bet you have more readers than you think! I have the same problem of starting things before finishing one, but it's with everything.. :)