Saturday, October 11, 2008

Philippians 4:8

I belong to a service group at church. When asked what the original group wanted to call themselves, one lady answered " Whatever". So, that's what we are called. Mainly we make quilts from donated materials for each newly baptized child and each high school graduate. Some go to the foster care program.They are very basic, hand-tied quilts. Baby quilts are made from 48- 6" squares. I stepped into the job of cutter (because no on wanted to use the rotary cutter) and by default, designer. Lately,I've been trying to break out of the box regarding color. I'm trying to be more bold. By that I mean use more that 2 fabrics for a top.I wish the colors showed better in the pictures.It's difficult to stay matchy-matchy when you can only work with what's in the cupboard. We are having a craft bazaar this weekend and these are some that I have created.

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Elizabeth Cranmer said...

that is just wonderful that you have that skilla nd choose to contribute it to the community!

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