Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fall Harvest 101

When I went into town this evening I noticed the trucks were lined up for over 4 blocks waiting to get into the elevator. It has just dried up enough from the last rain for the harvest to resume and now there is rain and snow predicted for tomorrow. Last year, I drove the tractor and operated the grain cart for my brother-in-law for a while. Actually it was probably just a week, but 14 hour days made it seem longer. He was finally able to find some more experienced help, so I got canned! Anyway, I took my cameras with me and got some good pictures.

When you see the yellow start to top the bin, you need to get the cart over to the combine before it runs on the ground.

The combine unloads the corn into the grain cart.

The tractor driver takes it to the truck at the edge of the field and offloads into the trailer. The tennis ball is to help some of us novices with poor depth perception line up with the trailer.

You work as late as you can, until the corn tests too wet or the elevator closes.

This picture was through the rear window of the tractor into the sunset. Looks like gold, huh?

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Nancy said...

Your photos made me homesick for the farm. How well I remember harvest time and the rush to get everything done before the weather changed.

My favorite harvest was cutting corn for silage. I just love the smell of the freshly-cut silage, a mixture of sweetness from the corn and green from the stalk.

We never combined corn, but I helped with a grain harvest. The chaff and oats made me itch all over.

Praying that the farmers in your area can get all of their crops harvested without any breakdowns.

Anonymous said...

It is hard right now to imagine it being too wet. The drought goes on here.
I love your pictures and like that tennis ball idea.
And yes, it that sunset does look like gold, and beautiful
Thanks for the visit.
Have a great day.