Saturday, November 22, 2008

Walking the Talk

Do you ever think about how difficult it is to live so your christianity shows? I'm thinking this in a round-a-bout way because I got a different car. Bear with me and you might learn how I got there.
My almost 13 year old car was starting to worry me, so I went shopping and the best deal I found was a red car. When you drive a gray minivan you are pretty anonymous among all the other neutral colored vans, but a red car in a small town screams "It's her!" and everyone knows who the car belongs to. I think I'm a good driver, but sometimes I get impatient with others. You know, like the guy ahead of you driving 15 mph and looking left and right while you are running late. Or, when everyone is trying to decide who will go first at a 4-way, so you just go. It only takes of few seconds of patience, but sometimes I just don't use it and I'm immediately ashamed. I think if I had one of those JESUS tags that you can't read until you stare at it or the ithcus (fish) emblem, I would be even more ashamed.

If you know Lutherans, the pastor usually wears his collar just for church services. The rest of the time they dress like everyone else. We had a pastor a few years back that wore his more often than that. When I asked him about it, he told me it helped to remind him of his calling.

Many of us wear crosses, even people who aren't Christians. It's just a piece of jewelry to them. I wear one nearly every day, but I want to be the kind of person who lets their faith show, no matter what they are wearing. I also know that I will often fail because we all "fall short of the glory of God".

So what is the point of this ramble? I imagine you are totally baffled by now. Maybe, having a red car could make me a more considerate driver or could it make me a better Christian?

This is my cross. I had the medallion cast from my late husband's wedding ring.


Nancy said...

You are so right about small town living and witnessing.

My pastor (LCMS) also wears his collar other than when preaching. I hadn't thought about it before.

Your medallion is beautiful and so unique and must bring you a lot of comfort.

Renna said...

I remember many years ago, my husband and I were driving down a busy street in town, in a hurry, with no real reason to be. We were suddenly slowed to a near stop by a rambling old car in front of us. The guy was taking his time!. He was puttering along, looking from the left to right, seemingly without a care in the world.

Hubby got impatient (he's majorly mellowed since those days), accelerated the gas, and whipped around and in front of the guy. Imagine Hubby's and my embarrassment when we saw that it was our church's children's pastor, the very one who gave his all every Sunday to our little girl and all the other children in church. Yeah, we were humbled by the experience.

The cross you have is gorgeous, prettier than any I've ever seen before.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your medallion must be very precious to you!

I also drive a red car, I never thought about it, but yes living in a very rural area, everyone knows me and my car. I guess I try my best to maintain some "Christian attitudes" sometimes it is really difficult, as I tend to be a tad outspoken. I have been reading some of your previous blog post.. and I am really enjoying them! :)