Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Riley, Mariell, Verity, Mcclellan

While I was traveling across the state west to east to spend the holiday with my son and family, my daughter (only daughter) and family traveled south to north to see same son (only son). Daughter & family are visiting in-laws, but traveled a couple of hours to meet son for lunch and let the kids play. It was too cool to meet at the park, so they opted for McDonald's thinking the boys could play there. The playground turned out to be too big for the boys and another child's toilet problems were a further deterent. I was the lucky one of the day. My daughter took the first picture of all 4 grandchildren together. I am convinced that I have the some of cutest grandchildren for miles around. However, I may be slightly prejudiced. They range from 27 months to almost 2 1/2 months.


Mary Perry said...

OMG, they are just too stinking cute. My grandkids range from 18 years to 9 years. Would love some baby snuggles. Those cheeks, too kissable. Oh, just enjoy. How lucky you are.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

They certainly look like keepers to me! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Nancy said...

I agree that they are the cutest little ones around and you were fortunate to see all of them together. I hope that your daughter took a photo of you with the grand children.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

GaRaGe GrAmmA said...

What a cute picture. I wish that I could get one of all mine together. There is one inlaw that is kind of a stinker. They look like cheek pinchers to me!!


Renna said...

You do indeed have adorable grandkids. They're such a blessing, huh? :-)