Friday, May 1, 2009

Empty House

Well, little Mcclellan has gone home. He was here Sunday through Friday morning. His daddy finished his project Wednesday evening, but he generously gave me a day of his time on Thursday. We got some sorting and disgarding done. There's alot more to do but you can only do so much with a two year old in tow. I haven't spent any lengthy one-on-one time with my son since I helped him move out of his apartment after college graduation. I really enjoyed it. Maybe I will start expecting that for Mother's Day. Probably not. I know how I would have reacted had my husband left me home alone with the kids on one of his few days off. I was really selfish about our family time when the kids were small, or maybe I just didn't want to share my husband. Probably both.

Water under the bridge.

It sure is quiet around here.


Anonymous said...

I know it must be quiet. So glad you had such a nice visit and I enjoyed all the cute pictures. Hope you have a very nice weekend.

Nancy said...

You made some very special memories in the short time you had together. :o)

Oz Girl said...

I can imagine the difference, and how quiet it must be now. :-( But it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! And a ton of memories like Nancy said.

Thanks for your comments on my blog... and you're probably right, since I'm not working right now, I have TIME to do all these neat "conservation" things. That may all change once I am working again, along with the hour commute each way.


Aunt Dinah said...

I'm glad you had such a good time with Matt and Mcclellan. I know what you mean about the house seeming quiet now they're gone. After having my oldest granddaughter Kim visit in March followed by a visit from Ben's dad in April, things seem pretty quiet around our condo too! That being said I'm tired from so much excitement, and I've had a cold since Tuesday, so I'm kinda enjoying the peace and quiet.