Friday, May 1, 2009

Michael Bear

My grandson, Mcclellan, brought a stuffed bear with him when he came to visit. I asked him what the bear's name was. He said, "Michael." His daddy said that the bear really didn't have a name. Mcclellan replied, "Michael Matthew (his daddy), Michael Mcclellan (his name), Michael Bear." I can't find a thing wrong with his logic. Pretty smart toddler, if I do say so myself.

There was an unamed bear in my toybox. He was playing with the two bears together. I asked if no-name bear had a name. He said, "Mary, Beary, Bear." So now my bear has a name, too. Thank you, Mcclellan.

Maybe we should have a christening?


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Pretty smart little boy. The names sound perfect to me.
Have a Blessed Sunday

Anonymous said...

I like his way of thinking - it makes remembering the names very easy!!!

Aunt Dinah said...

That is so darn cute. When I was very small, my parents bought me a teddy bear while we were visiting a city in Canada which was named Victoria after Queen Victoria. However, I didn't know that and named my teddy (who in my mind was and still is a boy) "Victoria." I still have Victoria who is now nearly 60 years old just like me.

Renna said...

How uttrely cute! ;-)

Karen said...

Too cute! Makes sense to me!