Monday, June 15, 2009

Same Old- Same Old

We have another evening of being in a Tornado Watch. It's only effect until midnight. We are also in a severe thunderstorm watch with winds greater than 60 mph and hail larger than tennis ball size possible. I sure hope not! The watches should expire before I go to bed, so hopefully a quiet night for sleep.

Many years ago, when we had only lived in this house a short while, there was a small tornado that went right by our place. It turned over our camping trailer that was parked by the back door and blew it up against the door. It destroyed a neighbors grain bins and drove a steel post through another neighbors steel building. We were getting ready to leave on a camping vacation, so that really put a damper on things. I think my husband set the trailer back up with the tractor, fastened the refrigerator back in the wall, replaced the glass and off we went. We used it for many years after that.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you won't have any real severe weather. We had some very large hail here last year and practically every house in our area had to get a new roof. Probably the worst hail storm I've ever seen. Hope it settles down and you have a peaceful night.

Nancy said...

Recently, the weather has been unpredictable here, too, but no tornados (thank heaven!)

The most violent thunder storms I have ever seen were in eastern Nebraska: both awesome and frightening.

Aunt Dinah said...

Hope things stay tornado and hail free in your neck of the woods this summer!

Linda said...

I know how scary it can be. I am so glad you were safe and able to enjoy your trip despite the weather.