Thursday, October 6, 2011

and more wind

The last time I posted it was about wind and today it's still about wind. Today was a doozy, we've had sustained 35 mph winds with 50-60 mph gusts. I'm so tired of listening to the house creak and moan and wondering what's going to blow away.

The Interstate was closed for a few hours from here to the Colorado border because of high winds and reduced visibility.

I'm hoping it will slow down now that it's dark but the National Weather Service is issuing severe thunderstorm warnings.

The cornfield down the road from me was harvested last night before the wind really kicked up. That freed a lot of dried shucks to decorate my fence. The bright side is that the wind will blow out of the north before long and they'll go back where they came from.

I think this may be a good night to sleep in the basement. I'll relish the quiet.

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