Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wind Damage

Back in August, I took a 'me' day and drove out to Colorado Springs for the day. Spent a few hours at the Flea Market, ate lunch at Olive Garden and drove back home with my treasures. I arrived to find that we'd had 70 mph winds while I was gone. My vinyl fence didn't stand up too well.

Several sections were blown out and one section I was lucky to find in the railroad ditch to the south.

Some of the posts on the west were bent over.

We put up this fence in 1999 and it's withstood similar winds, so I guess the posts have reached the end of their life. I'm going to replace them with steel, but all the contractors are booked up. The 'fence guy' said he couldn't get to it until next year.

My plan is to get as much of the work done as I can to save $$$ and make it a job someone might be able to do in one day. Then I hope to beg one of the contractors to do the 'small' job. If I can get them to set the new posts and pour the concrete, I think I'll be able to put the rest back together.

I've reattached the panels that blew out and taken down the panels that were attached to the posts that need to be replaced.

Purchased a diamond blade for the saw and cut the concrete on both side of the posts.

Smacked the concrete really, really hard with a sledge hammer. Actually smacked it many, many times,

The cuts helped everything to break away neatly.

The new steel posts are painted and ready

Now I'm waiting on the guy with the tractor to come pull out the bent posts. I've only called him 3 times and he was to be here yesterday at noon. I truly don't think that I have it left in me to dig them out by hand.

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