Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Grandma's Bag

I have a little bag that I take to church with me. It's filled with things to occupy my grandson and keep him quiet. It doesn't go home with him. It's saved for church only. When he sees it, he wants to carry it and tells everyone, "towees, towees".

I started with an insulated lunch bag.

Preferably, one that the lid will lay flat when open.

This one happens to have a magnetic? scribble board in the lid.

Then, I fill it with an assortment of things that might interest him. They have changed with his interests and abilities.

He liked this when he was smaller. It gives little fingers something to hold and they really aren't noisy. I used a springy key ring wrislet and attached an assortment of other plastic key tabs.

Stickers, a simple stencil and a pencil for little hands.

A small snack of cereal and dried fruit. Sometimes, I keep that in my purse until the sermon.

Small toys. He's into buses and airplanes, currently.

And that's my "towee" bag. His mom says less is more. So I rotate items from time to time.


Far Side of Fifty said...

What a fantastic idea! I used to haul cereal and paper and pencils in my purse! I think it makes a difference to little ones that it is not an everyday something..but a special something only to be enjoyed during church! Way to go Grandma! :)

Aunt Dinah said...

Wish I'd had a Grandma like you to help make church a little more "entertaining" was I was a tot!

Nancy said...

Our LWML made several of these activity bags and put them on a "tree" in the narthex. The kids pick one of the bags and after the service return it to the tree. Each bag is different so they never know what they are going to get. The only thing missing is the "treat"

Renna said...

I wish I'd been as creative when my daughter was small. Keeping her still and quiet in church as a tot was sheer torture. I did carry along snacks, but always in a zip loc bag; and I carried along small toys, usually in a Wal-Mart bag. How much more creative, the way you've thought to do it!