Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is it spring yet?

I've been sitting here exhausted and down in the dumps. The out of town kids have headed home and the house looks like we've been having a party all weekend. Which we have. They have it worse though, a long drive with 2 children under two who don't like to ride long distances. Verity can cry for over an hour without cease.

I can't think of anything to write that others might be interested to read.

Yesterday, I got the first seed catalogues for the upcoming year in the mail. I haven't had a vegetable garden for several years. First, Mike was sick and the last 3years I've been traveling for Habitat in the spring and fall. A garden would either dry up or grow to weeds.

I'm thinking of staying home this year and planting a one. Maybe trying to do a little landscape beautification. My rock garden is even starting to look pathetic. Is this what brings on New Year's resolutions?

I think it could be a good time to figure out how to use the photo editing program I bought or start using Quicken to track my finances. I've had the program for 2 years. Oh, yes, I haven't been able to sync my Palm since I got Vista. I'm told that I should join Facebook, everyone is on it. Wow, where do I start? There are so many possiblities. I have boxes of fabric for quilts and rugs, maybe I could start something there. Of course, I could finish one that I have started.

I think I need to go start a list. I accomplish more when I make lists.

I hope your Christmas was a wonderful time. I have some great pictures. When I get my thoughts sorted I'll post a few.


Anonymous said...

The spring seed catalogs always lift my spirits. Buy a cheap journal and jot down all your favorites and plot out a few new plants you'd like to try and then update your journal as you watch them grow! You'll feel better soon!

Far Side of Fifty said...

No not spring yet..sorry, you need to rest and then make a list! Grands can tucker you out! :)

Nancy said...

Fill your favorite mug with some steaming coffee or tea, sit in your favorite chair with the seed catalog and dream of warmer, and greener, days.

Renna said...

We usually go camping in the summer, so it's always a hard decision whether to have a flower garden or not. I dearly love flowers in the summer, but I hate to ask my neighbors to water for me for two weeks in our horridly hot summers. They insist they don't mind, and I do their's for them, but I'm much younger than they are.

That said, I seem to be in the doldrums since the holidays are over; not blue or depressed, simply unmotivated. Maybe I'll look at seed catalogues, too.