Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Okay....now I feel better.

I've been looking forward to the day when these two were old enough to want to play together. They played, they shared and they bumped heads. This was taken at way past bedtime.

I put out a rubber nativity for the kids to play with. At some point baby Jesus went missing.

This is where I found him.

Mcclellan liked Grandma's chocolate pie.

Trying to encourage Riley with 'big boy pants', but he just wanted them on over his clothes. It was more fun to play with the tractors.

Mariell's first Christmas.
Modeling new red shoes from her stocking.

Verity's first Christmas. I am concerned that she may be undernourished.


Anonymous said...

Cute photos and those red shoes would make any girl feel special!

Nancy said...

Aren't little ones precious?

They knew that Baby Jesus needed to be in a manager filled with hay, so I think a baler is the perfect place to find Him. :-)

Love the red shoes. Is her name Dorothy by any chance?

Aunt Dinah said...

The photos are absolutely adorable. What handsome and beautiful grandchildren you have! How cute that Baby Jesus ended up helping on the farm. Thanks for sharing. Makes the miles between here and there seem a little shorter.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Very Nice photos Mary, your Grands are beautiful! The shot of baby Jesus in the baler is just precious. Everyone looks well fed! I would guess that Verity is a breast fed baby! :)

Mary Perry said...

What fantastic photos of some of the cutest babes. Looks like a perfect Christmas, never better than when you get to share it with grandbabies.

Vonita said...

Love the pics, Mary. Makes me think I should get my own blog page. I wonder if I'd keep it up.

Traci said...

The girls and I had such a good time on Sunday! Your grandkids are someting special! I tried to get a picture of Riley, Tessa, and Lacy playing with the play dough, but as soon as I got the camera, Riley had enough. That's about how it goes. Glad to see you joined Facebook, I had a blog but never had anything to write about, I'm more interested in posting and looking at pictures.

Vonita said...

Mary, I just read clear through your blogs, and they are wonderful!
Way back there somewhere, you said something about how Mike could make people feel special. Made me think of when I was working at the grocery store in Bird City. Mike came in, and we visited for a while. I asked him what he was doing there, and he told me that he always stopped there, if it was within a reasonable distance, to buy a special kind of candy that you liked. How special was that?

Melony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

I had to smile when I saw Baby Jesus. I have to think He did too!