Friday, January 30, 2009

Ma-a-a-tt, Ma-a-a-tt

Matt 4 years, Marcy 5 1/2 months

When Matt was about 4 years old, we were visiting a co-worker of mine. She had a lovely home with lots of antiques, so I was really nervous about taking a toddler in to the house. Mike took him outside to visit with her husband and see the goats he raised. The next thing I heard was Matt screaming bloody murder. He had fallen into the pots of cactus on their front porch. I hadn't any idea what to do. I wanted to take him and leave, but we ended up using tweezers and tape to pull all the fuzzy little spines out of his arms and hands. While we were driving out of the yard we could hear the baby goats crying. Matt said, "Listen, Dad, they're saying my name." We still tease him about it.


Anonymous said...

What a cute memory to share tonight.

Anonymous said...

I understand perfectly, Matt.
I think my baby goat is saying Mama, MaaaaaMaaa. lol...
Don't they all grow up too fast?

Aunt Dinah said...

Darling photo. Cute story. You have two wonderful kids who I know you're very proud of (as you should be). You and Mike did a GREAT job raising them.