Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some stuff

Boy! I have been a lazy blogger. I have been out of town and also wasting way too much time on Facebook. Listen to me. Do not get involved. It will gobble up great chunks of your time, if you let it, and really there is nothing learned. You just always think you might miss something. I'd compare it to a soap opera addiction.

Here are a couple of things I took out to my little booth last week. I consider my stuff collectibles, not necessarily antiques. I started it to weed out some of my collections, but has become self- propagating. I have to keep it stocked, but that gives me an excuse to visit thrift stores and auctions.

Pictured are some cute Fire King coffee mugs and vintage Corelle napkin rings.


Aunt Dinah said...

Nice collectibles. I like the blue colors. My dad's favorite color was blue, and I find as I get older I like blue more and more. But red is still my favorite color.

Aunt Dinah said...

Oh, darn, I forgot to say I totally agree with what you said about facebook! I like blogs better but still find myself checking facebook at least once a day and usually two or three times a day. I'm sure it's a fad that will fade when the next new thing comes along.

Nancy said...

I didn't know that Corelle had napkin rings. Amazing!

I am partial to blue and used to have a set of blue Corelle dishes and cups. I sold them at a yard sale years ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm like Nancy, I did not know Corelle had napkin rings!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind and thoughtful comments. Hope to be back blogging soon. Have a great weekend.