Sunday, April 12, 2009

Alleluia! Rain & Eyeballs

Alleluia! says that this can be an interjection meaning "Praise ye the Lord" or a noun meaning "a shout of joy, praise or gratitude". Today is a an alleluia day. First because we celebrate Easter and secondly because it's raining. It's been gently raining since yesterday afternoon. We've had less than half an inch, but it's very much needed.

I received a note in the mail yesterday from Mcclellan, my youngest grandson (they are both 2- just 6 months apart). His mother has begun to homeschool him. They have been studying eyes. He dictated a message to his mommy for me and now it's proudly displayed on my refrigerator. Christina has started a new blog Preschoolbusyness to chronicle her experience.


Mildred said...

Glad you are getting a slow rain. We had heavy rain storms on Friday and had a lot of limbs etc. to clean up. Cute picture for your frig too. I know that makes you smile!

Aunt Dinah said...

Glad your Easter weekend was blessed with much needed rain and an illustrated message on your frig from McClellan. Hope you get more April showers!

Renna said...

Praise God for the rain!

The note is precious. How great that your daughter is going to homeschool your grandson! :-)

Tipper said...

Glad you're getting rain-we've been getting some too and we sooo need it. Cute letter.