Friday, April 3, 2009

Mom! Help!

Last night David Letterman and Michael J Fox were reminiscing. Years ago, Dave had asked Michael what it was like to have little children around. Michael told him, it was basically like suicide watch.

It brought to mind this story. My daughter's new home in Oklahoma has a small fish pond in the back yard. I had Marcy email a picture to illustrate. She wants to remind us that they've only lived there a month and last weekend had 15 inches of snow. So, excuse the mess. It's a little larger than one of those plastic kid's pools. The former owners had put an iron fence and gate around it to keep their grandchildren (or the fish) safe. The first thing the kids had to do was put a lock on the gate. Since they moved in, Riley has been obsessed with the fish. He keeps throwing his toys over the fence to get the fish to move or get the toys wet. We're not sure which. Marcy gives him a lecture and won't return his toys until he's had time to repent. This week, she heard a little voice from the back yard hollering, "Mom, help. Riley stuck." She went out to find him hung up on the top of the fence. The fence is only about 3 feet tall, but Riley is only about 2 1/2 years old. She said the worst thing about it was that he was on his way out. He had already been in and retrieved his toys, getting his pants and shoes soaked in the process.

Scary as it is, this story was kinda funny to grandma. Isn't that why only young people should have babies? Off the subject a little, can you imagine those 50 year women who are having babies coping with toddlers like our Riley?


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

LOL...yep,I wouldn't want a little one at 50. I had my baby at 35 and I've said over and over, I know why God gave them to us while we're young.
Your Riley sounds like a
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.

ga.farmwoman said...

I agree. when my 3 year old grandson spends the day it is more exhausting than working around the farm. They can find everything to get into, and fast. I don't know if I could out run him.
Riley sounds a lot like my Caleb.
Have a great weekend.

June said...

Hoo boy. God sure knew what he was doin' when he gave me no children.

It might have occurred to me to hang Riley by the waistband of his pants until he dried out.

Just kiddin'.
Sort of.

Mildred said...

Oh that Riley! He is adorable and I can just picture him throwing those toys in the pond.
I never had children but I do have lots of nieces and nephews. I am 51 now and I know I could not keep up with them like I used to!!!

Aunt Dinah said...

Poor Marcy! Sounds as if she's going to have her work cut out for her for a while! Riley is obviously a very determined little "man."

tipper said...

Your story about Riley reminds me of my girls. They were both so determined it was hard to deter them from something-even if that something was dangerous!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I would drain that water out..not worth the hassle while he is so active...and all boy too! I had my children young..good thing too, as I can't imagine having one later in day wth the Grands and I am exhausted:)

Mountain Woman said...

You know I agree with you because if I had to watch a toddler, I couldn't keep up. They are always into something and Michael J. Fox was right.
I don't think my joints would allow me to keep bending over to retrieve toys.

Renna said...

My daughter kept me on my toes much like Riley. I could NEVER have handled her at the age I am now!

Mildred said...

Hi Mary - Just wanted to wish you a happy Easter. I bet your little grandson is having a wonderful time this year. Maybe they will share some pictures that you can put on your blog.