Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mcclellan's Turn Part II

Hi Mommy,

This morning Grandma Mary fixed me cheesy eggs and toast for breakfast. It was really yummy. Then we went to town to visit Great-Grandpa Jim at his office. I went to the donut shop with Grandpa all by myself. Grandpa had coffee and I had a donut. I like the snow globe that Great- Grandpa has on his desk. It has sparkles.

After we left the office, Grandma took me to story time at the library. This is Miss Judy. She read A Mud Pie for Mother to us. She gave me a picture of a pig and a glue stick. I smudged glue all over the pig and then Miss Judy sprinkled cocoa on it. Doesn't it look like the pig is all muddy?

I hung my picture on Grandma's refrigerator.

Oh, Grandma said to tell you that a lady gave us these gooey cookies that even Grandma didn't want me to have, but I ate it anyway. It was very good and very messy.

I'm being a good boy, Mommy, and having lots of fun. You can call me when you get lonesome.




Nancy said...

What a sweet post. I am glad that you are having so much fun with Mcclelan.

Mildred said...

He is a beautiful child and I know Mommy misses him but I'm sure you two are having a grand time. Story time looks like a lot of fun.

Christina Joy said...

Awww, make me want to cry! Srsly, is he not bigger than when I saw him three days ago?

And don't even think I believe you transcribed all that for him... :)

Vonita said...

Love how you're doing this. Let's Mommy know just what he's doing, but I'm sure she would like to cry sometimes. It's hard to have the babies away when they're young. I used to check in their bedrooms even though I knew they were somewhere else. Strange?

Debbi said...

It's a small world indeed. I linked to your blog from Far Side and discovered you are from Colby! That's where my Dad (96 now) grew up and our last family member who lived there just moved away. My 88 year old aunt still drives from Denver monthly and stays in the house where she was born. Although I myself have only visited there throughout my life, the phrase "Colby, Kansas" is buried deep in my brain and heart I've heard it so many times. You sound like an amazing lady and I will come back.

Aunt Dinah said...

You and Mcclellan are obviously having SO much fun! I'm envious! What darling photos and text to go with them. It's fun to see my old and dear friend Judy K. with Mcclellan at story time.